So you want to know how to improve your search CTR?

When I first embraced SEO, I didn’t take click-through rate seriously. Back in the days, it was a lot easier to rank on page one of Google, with much less effort. But the tide is changed now. Google algorithm updates have changed everything.

Everyone is aiming for the #1 position in Google. Because that’s where the real clicks and action takes place. A recent Study by Catalyst Search Marketing revealed that, “83% of Page one organic search clicks go to the first four organic results.”

This data tells us that ranking on the first page is great. Because it can get the most traffic and brand visibility. But that is outright difficult especially when you’re targeting a seed keyword (e.g. seo agency).

Even when you’re targeting long-tail keywords, you still must work hard to give your web pages the initial boost. Boosts such as social signals, natural links and brand mentions.

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Links are the currency of the web.

All links are not created equal. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C marketer, you need the right links to improve your performance in the search engines.

Search engines have the best source of traffic. According to Outbrain, “search is the #1 driver of traffic to content sites, beating social media by more than 300%.”

If you’re struggling to rank high in Google, it could be possible that your web pages lack valuable links.

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Email Marketing

Building an email list of loyal subscribers is hard.

Most marketers and bloggers struggle with it. But I want to make it easier for you. Use these ten overlooked techniques to build your email list faster, and nurture a healthier business.

As an online marketer, you need an active email list of qualified customers, if you want to thrive and trounce your competition.

Your target audience would rather prefer a friendly email than a tweet. It doesn’t matter the industry where you belong, email yields the best ROI. According to Hemsmail, “consumers who receive email marketing campaigns will spend 83% more when shopping online.”

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Keyword Research, SEO

You’ve finally found it…

The simple guide for improving your search traffic with long-tail keywords. Trust me, it’s not that hard – not when you know what to do.

At the AMA Content Marketing Conference, Chris Baggott of Compendium revealed that, 70% of searches are long-tail searches. These types of keywords are less competitive and convert at a higher rate.


Why target 2 – 3 keywords (e.g. weight loss tips) when you can target the longer variations with 4, 5 or more words in a single search term. For example, best fat burning exercises at home. Driving search traffic is all about leverage – and thinking outside-the-box.

Search engines may not be the only source of qualified traffic, but it can be sustainable if you master the art. Read More

Internet Marketing

In 2008 I got a message on ICQ (yes, we all used it back then) from my best friend with a link to some local internet marketing forum. He knew I was interested in marketing stuff so he thought it was relevant to me.

I joined that forum, but it wasn’t very special, I was member no. 44 so there wasn’t a lot of activity. Shortly after that, forum was shut down for few months due to maintenance however, it was reactivated after that and forum started geting visitors. The founder of that forum has obviously put some effort in getting some initial traffic and traction for the forum by “word of mouth” method.

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While I was creating my first blog post and writing my reminders to my gmail for the next day I opened up safari and there I left one tab opened.

I left it open for the same reason, to read it next day when I wake up for work. I found that when I read something inteligent, motivating before work, I get pumped about working, I always want to implement those things and find better solution.

But anyway, when I switched to my browser there was an article that I left about one trait all the succesful businessman have. To be honest, I read solid amount of business books and even more business tips, so I thought this will be similar but I wasn’t sure which was it so I read the article.


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